1.   Papião School has a:

Day care (Nursery, 1 and 2 years old)

Pre-school (3, 4 and 5 years old)

Primary School (6, 7, 8 and 9/10 years old)

2. The school is open all year around, except:

-      National and Council holidays (13 of June)
-      24, 25, 26, 30 and 31 of December 2019
-      Monday and Tuesday of Carnival (24 and 25 of February  2020)
-      Thursday, 9th of April 2020

-      Friday, 12th of June 2020

-      From 16th of August until 1st of September, for holidays


Monday to Friday from 7.30am  to 7.30pm.

     First afternoon: Preschool from 4.30pm until 6pm

                            Primary School from 4:15pm until 6pm (study included from 4.40pm to 5.30pm)

Second afternoon: from 6pm to 7.30pm

For the day care students, the first afternoon extension is included in the tuition fees.

5.     FOOD

a)   For the school year of 2019/20 the only students that can bring a packed lunch to school are the students who already bought a pack lunch during the previous academic year.

b)  Daycare and preschool students who joint Papião Creche from the school year of 2017/18 forward must have the school lunch.

c)     Students who bring packed lunch and snacks pay a monthly canteen service, which does not include heating up the meals (we recommend thermal lunch boxes).

d)     The preschool children who are in school at snack time have to have a snack.

e)      The inventory of any lunches or dietary needs is made until 10am each morning.



a)     The school uniform is compulsory, see description in attachment.

b)     The students, when attending parties or other activities related to the school, must wear the school uniform, whilst attending the school. The uniform must be worn daily, and kept neat and clean.



a)     To administer any medication it is necessary that the Legal Guardians fill out a specific form on a daily basis. The staff must fill out the correct form for every day that the medication is administered. Medications can only be given at lunch and snack time, and only in case of extreme necessity.

b)   No aerosol treatments are authorized in school.

c)   Children with parasites will only be able to attend school when they are properly treated.

d)    In the event of an accident or illness, Papião shall immediately take such action as the situation may require and shall inform the family of the incident as soon as possible.



     8.1. Day Care :   1 years old -  Music (1x) and Physical Education (1x)

                                   2 years old A and B  - English Time (2x), Music (1x) and Physical Education (1x)

      8.2. Pre-School: 3 years old - English Time (5x), Music (1x), P. Education and Judo (2x)

                          4 and 5 years old- English Time (5x), Music (1x), P. Education and Judo(3x)

 In the 4 and 5 years old classroom, besides the English classes, the teacher assistant only speaks in English.

8.3. Primary School:
           1st Grade – English (5x), P. Education and Judo (3x), Art (1X in English)  and Music (1x)

           2nd Grade – English (5x), P. Education (2x), Art (1X in English) and Music (1x)

           3rd Grade – English (5x), P. Education (2x), Art (1X in English), Music (1x) and computers (1x).

                  4th Grade – English (5x), P. Education (2x), Art (1X in English), Music (1x), computers (1x) and ‘how to become an entrepreneur’ (1x).

  - The cost for the Cambridge Exams (Starters e Movers) is included in the monthly fees of the Primary School.

  - Religious Catholic studies Optional


Dance Academy:

    - Ballet from 3 years old onwards - 2x/week

    - Creative dance and Hip Hop from 7 years old onwards – 1 or 2x/week

Swimming (3 years old onwards) – 2x/week

Judo (2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade) – 2x/week

Football (from 4 to 7 years old) – 1x/week

Drama (Primary School) – 1x/week

Computers (4 years old onwards) – 1x/week


9.1- Extracurricular activities, to function, require a minimum number of students, to be defined by the direction.

  9.2- Students who wish to attend extracurricular activities must pay the enrollment fee. The enrollment fee is equal to a monthly activity fee.

  9.3- Extracurricular activities start in the 3rd week of September and end in June.  

  9.4- The enrollment fee is paid in September and so is half of a monthly fee of the respective activity.

9.5 - Extracurricular activities may only be suspended for health reasons and upon presentation of a medical certificate.

9.6 - Papião does not allow the suspension of the extracurricular activities at Christmas, Carnival and Easter holidays.

9.7  Students who go swimming can’t carry their lunch bags and backpacks with them.

9.8 - The school is not responsible for any theft that has occurred at Swimming Center.



10.1-      At the time of enrollment, it is mandatory to present the updated immunization plan (vaccination plan).

10.2-      Whenever a child is missing, the reason for the absence must be shared. If the absence exceeds 3 school days it will be necessary to present a medical certificate.

10.3-      In order for a student to alter or give up on  an extracurricular activity or transportation, a written notification to the reception of the school must be done 15 days in advanced and the following month will have to be paid.

10.4-      During the teaching period, the teaching staff, the students and the teacher assistants can’t be interrupted to answer phone calls or to contact a parent.

10.5-      The urgent messages received by telephone will be written down and transmitted to the interested parties in a timely manner. No phone calls are allowed for the students and the use of the mobile phone is forbidden in the school.

10.6-      A statement of Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data of students is formalized every school year to obtain the consent of the Legal Guardians to the processing of their child’s data through the school. That statement will be valid for one academic year, and will explain what kind of personal information is processed by the Externato Papião and for what purposes, it will also be signed by the Legal Guardians.

10.7-      The uniforms, backpacks, lunch boxes, equipment and materials necessary for the activities must be properly identified with the student's first and surname.

10.8-      Students should not bring to school expensive toys, valuable values or adornments, for although we seek to exercise effective vigilance, we can’t be held responsible for their loss or damage.

10.9-      Students are insured against any accidents they may suffer in Papião or during transportation, field trips and leisure time.

10.10-   The damages caused by a student in Papião, in a filed trip or in any object belonging to one of their peers, will be repaid to their account, individually or collectively, as the case may be.

10.11-   Field trips, trips and the July vacation program (beach) are considered educational activities. For these days the College does not offer alternative programs.



a)   At the registration, the parent only pays the enrollment fee.

b)   The school insurance will be paid by all students of Papião with the first monthly payment of the school year.

c)   The monthly fee for the Kindergarten and Pre-School includes school supplies.

d)   In the Primary School, the monthly fees of September, January and April will be have an extra for the school material (school supplies / parties / exams).

e)   The departure of a student for any reason, does not exempt the payments in arrears, nor does it entitle the reimbursement of any payment already made.

f)    The enrollment payment is annual and will not be returned in case of withdrawal.

g)   The school price is changed every school year. The amount of the tuition fee to be paid at the beginning of the year, January or February, will be the one corresponding to the price of the academic year which it is referred to.

h)   The tuition fees are divided in:

Day Care - 12 monthly fees (September to August)

Pre-School - 11 monthly fees (September to July)

Primary School - 10 monthly fees (September to June)

i)       In July, the School provides Primary School students with a "Holiday Program"                  which will be presented in the month of May or June. The program will be paid according to the frequency option (biweekly / monthly).

j)       For the Day Care students, the monthly fee for the month of August will be paid in 3 (three) times in the months of February, March and April.



a)   In the Pre-School and Primary School tuition, the second brother will have a discount of 1% and the third or more siblings will have a discount of 2%.

b)  In the food, the second brother will have a discount of 2% and the third or more brothers will have a discount of 4%.

c)   In transportation, the second or more siblings will have a discount of 15% if they use it together.

d)  In the Nursery there will be no discount on the siblings' monthly fees due to the reduced number of students in the room.


13.1-      Papião has a 31-seat bus for field trips and swimming.

13.2-      For transportation from Home / School or School / Home, Papião has a 9-seat van. As the number of places is reduced, we will only be able to secure the routes agreed at the beginning of the school year in September. For logistical reasons, if a student gives up in the middle of the school year, it will be difficult to have a place for him again.

13.3-      Although Papião has its own transportation, for reasons of planning zones and meeting school schedules we can not guarantee School Transportation for all students.



a)     Monthly – until the 8th of each month;

b)     Three times - until September 8, January 8 and April 8, respectively, benefiting from a 1.5% discount on tuition fees.

c)     Annual - Until June 30, 2019, with a discount of 3% in tuition and 2% in food (lunch, snack). Extracurricular activities, books and insurance do not have a discount.

d)     Annuity divided by 12 months- Payment of the monthly value + food divided into 12 months.

14.1-  If a parent delays the payment of the school for two consecutive months, the following monthly payments must be paid, by direct debit to the bank.

14.2-   In case of non-compliance with the monthly payments of the school, the enrollment will not be renewed for the following school year.

14.3-   Absences will never be discounted, except for prolonged sickness, and in this case, only from the 16th consecutive day, and only with regard to food (the student will pay 60% of the food value).

14.4-   Christmas, Carnival and Easter holidays will not be object of discount in terms of monthly fees, activities, food, canteen service, extensions and transportation.

14.5-  From 7.30 pm will be charged the amount of € 6.00, for every 15 minutes late.



·       Monthly payments must be paid by the 8th of the month to which they relate to.

·       All overdue monthly fees are increased monthly as indicated below:

-   Payment between the 9 and 15 of each month: 10,00€/student

-   Payment between the 16 and 20 of each month: 20,00€/student

-   Payment after the 21st of each month: 30,00€/student


·       The daily schedule will be from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

·       There must be a previous frequency communication in this month (in the office), until the middle of April of each school year.

·       I f this prior notification is not made, Papião will assume for the organization of staff that the child's vacation will be in August.

·       There will be no transportation.

·       Papião will provide food, serving daily lunch and snack.

·       The amount of the monthly fee in August for Pre-School and Primary School students is fixed, whether attending a week or two. For the 2019/20 school year this monthly fee will be 250,00 € (two hundred and fifty euros).

·       When requested to attend in August, the parent must pay for this period, with no refund of this amount (50% in April and 50% in July).

·       The food will be charged in August in proportion to the days attended.




  • The Operating Rules of the 2019/2020 Daycare Center are described in a separate document.
  • Pre-School:
    • School Activities: from 9.00h to 11.30h and from 14.00h to 16.00h. 




·     School Activities: from 8.30h to 12.30h and from 13.45h to 16.10h.

·     Study Club – Guided by a Primary School teacher from 16.40 h to 17.30h, from Monday to Thursday.

·     It is obligatory for the students to be in school at the beginning of the school activities.

·     Students who are usually late, can’t interrupt the class’ activities.

·     It is intended for students, inside and outside the school, to have a correct presentation and a dignified and exemplary conduct.



17.    Papião reserves the right to change the operating rules as well as the price list at any time, if it is justified, by providing the Legal Guardians with the information as soon as possible.

18.    Situations omitted in these Operating Rules will be resolved by the Direction Board of the school.

19.    Enrollment Papião implies, on the part of the Legal Guardians, the knowledge and acceptance of the Operative Norms and of the Internal Regulations in force.


S. Pedro do Estoril, 21st of January de 2019

The Diector


Isabel de Abreu Faro